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Under the Table and Dreaming, Part X: Warehouse

Top Five. That’s where this song ranks for me, and a large amount of die-hard fans as well. I have loved this song since the first time I heard it, and that feeling has not once subsided.

This song has a long history, seeing as it is considered the fifth song Dave ever wrote. Therefore, it has been played a lot in the history of the band… making it that much more of a fan favorite.

The UTTAD version of this song starts out with a really neat intro. It’s Dave playing the guitar and saying the lyrics found here in the song history page on DMB Almanac. This isn’t usually performed live, however Dave brought it back recently and does it from time to time. Most of the time now, the song starts off with a stop-time intro… but I’ll get to that in a little bit. Here’s a video (once again, another weird video project that happens to have the exact song I need. Ignore all the PDA and awkwardness). It doesn’t have the whole song, but the most important thing is the beginning.

Now that you have an idea what the studio version of the song sounds like, I can start breaking it down. As you can tell, the beginning is more of an eerie, dark mood. Even once Dave starts the actually verse, it’s still a little dark and ominous. That makes for some really cool sound live. Once the song picks up, it doesn’t have as much of a dark and ominous feeling as the intro, but it’s still a little eerie.

The lyrics to this song really help show the mood of the song. “Warehouse” is more or less about not jumping into things so quickly in life. A wise source once said you can think of the ‘warehouse’ as your mind, which is very interesting once you read the lyrics/listen to the song. My favorite part of the song, however, is the very end. I love the chorus’, love everything else, but my absolute favorite part is as follows.

That’s our blood down there

Seems poured from the hands of angels

But trickle into the ground

Leaves the Warehouse bare and empty

My heart’s numbered beat

Still echo in this empty room

Fear wells in me

But nothing seems enough to defend

So I’m going away

That part can actually be heard in the video above at the 4:00 mark. This person decided to cut out some middle jamming and go straight to my favorite part (how considerate). Every time I hear this part, I just get removed from whatever it is I am doing, and am engulfed in this song. I love it.

Back to the musical aspect, however. The drums… very upbeat. They have a pep in their step and are quick and simple. The violin is always humming in the background of the verse, until Carter crashes into the chorus and you can hear a little harmonious violin going in the background.

The chorus also has the extra addition of a little cowbell. Now, we all know the cowbell is the prescription for a fever, but in this case… it’s just a little added bonus.

Roi’s Sax isn’t as prominent in this song as others, but it really stands out heading into and coming out of the chorus… as well as several bridges. You definitely can’t miss. Then of course just before my favorite part starts, that is where the solos come in, which are definitely awesome. If you have access to the full version, listen to it. Now. Go. Ok, finish this post first, but THEN listen to it.

Now I want to get into the alternate versions. This first one is one of my favorite songs (“Warehouse”) at arguably one of my favorite concerts (Central Park) in what is my absolute favorite version of this song. This version is the ringtone for my best friend/college roommate James. If you’re reading this, hi! (by the way… WordPress spell check asked if I meant ‘high’ instead of ‘hi’. I guess it knows I’m writing about the Dave Matthews Band) But yeah, I love this song. Please enjoy it.

Next, of course, is Dave and Tim. What would one of my posts be without a Dave and Tim song (unless they don’t play the song I’m reviewing). For the record, Tim Reynolds looks crazy here. Mainly because he is. Luckily for you, he’s out of this world.

The last video I want to leave you with is a very very early version of the song. Like… 1993 early. It’s from a record store in Charlotte, North Carolina. Basically, this is awesome. Enjoy.

I think I’ve said about all I possibly can about this song. I tried to avoid talking about how awesome it is live as much as possible. That will come later when I review whole live albums. Until then… enjoy these four videos. I hope you’re still enjoying my blog. I will try to supply more content.

Song Rating: 5.5/5

(yes, that’s .5 above the highest. I told you some songs would have higher than a 5/5. The highest I will go is 6/5, and only one song gets that.)

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