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A Brief History

Before I get into the album by album, song by song dissection of the Dave Matthews Band catalog, I figured it would only be fair to give a brief (as brief can be) history of the Dave Matthews Band. It will be, as I said, a very brief history seeing as there are plenty of other locations to give a history of the Band that would do it better justice than myself.

The Dave Matthews Band was started, as you could imagine, by Dave Matthews. Dave was born in South Africa and lived there for the first 7 years of his life, when he then moved to England. Over the next 12 years, Dave lived between England, New York, South Africa, New York and eventually Charlottesville, VA, which is where DMB was founded.

While living in Charlottesville and working at a local bar, Millers, he became friends with Tim Reynolds, who asked him to play with his band on occasion. After being noticed by a local musician named John D’earth, Dave put together a demo with his music. Eventually, he played it for Carter Beauford and LeRoi Moore, two founding members of the band. Stefan Lessard later joined at the age of 16, and Boyd Tinsley was the last to join in. These five started as a band in 1991, when they also played their first ever live show.

Once the band was founded, they played various shows throughout Charlottesville, then slowly moving out to surrounding areas on various tours. The first album, Remember Two Things, was released in 1993 and included several live and recorded songs.

From then on, the band released albums, both studio and live, and went on to stardom. Now, this is a much abridged version of the beginnings of the band, but as I said those other two sources will do it more justice.

For a timeline (so to speak) of the albums, both live and recorded, officially released by the band, which I will be reviewing over the course of the next… 809 days or so… you can look here. The timeline goes from newest to oldest, so you may have to click through if you want to start at the beginning. Now I will give a brief timeline of the band, just to put things into perspective.

  • 1991: DMB is formed. First in-studio demo is recorded. First public show.
  • 1993: First album released – Remember Two Things.
  • 1994: First live EP released – Recently. Second album released – Under the Table and Dreaming.
  • 1996: Third album released – Crash.
  • 1997: First Grammy won (Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group) for “So Much to Say.” First full length live album released – Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95.
  • 1998: Fourth album released – Before These Crowded Streets.
  • 1999: Dave and Tim Reynolds released first live acoustic album – Live at Luther College. Second full length live album released – Listener Supported.
  • 2000: Band records album with producer Steve Lillywhite, but the Lillywhite Sessions are never officially released.
  • 2001: Fifth album released – Everyday. Lillywhite Sessions are leaked onto the Internet. Released live album – Live in Chicago 12.19.98. Butch Taylor, pianist, ¬†joins band during concerts.
  • 2002: Sixth album released – Busted Stuff. Released live album – Live at Folsom Field.
  • 2003: Dave released solo album – Some Devil. Boyd Tinsley released solo album – True Reflections. Released live album – The Central Park Concert.
  • 2004: Released live album – The Gorge. Live Trax series begins.
  • 2005: Seventh album released – Stand Up. Released live album – Weekend on the Rocks. Rashawn Ross joins the band in concerts, becomes full-time guest.
  • 2006: Released Best of What’s Around best of compilation.
  • 2007: Dave and Tim released album – Live at Radio City. Released live album – Live at Piedmont Park.
  • 2008: Butch Taylor leaves the band. LeRoi Moore passes away. Jeff Coffin fills in for rest of tour. Released live album – Live at Mile High Music Festival. DMBlive series begins.
  • 2009: Eighth album released – Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King. Released live album – Europe 2009.
  • 2010: DMB nominated for Album of the Year for Grammy’s.

Now that a brief timeline is laid out, we will begin our tour through the catalog. Once again, there wont necessarily be a review every day, but that will be the goal.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you learned something. And please, I encourage you to read more online with the sites I’ve provided.