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Remember Two Things, Part VI: The Song That Jane Likes

“I got a sister named Jane, this is The Song That Jane Likes.”

Aptly titled as a song Dave Matthews’ sister Jane liked when he played it for her, this is a crowd-pleaser. And this (above) is how Dave prefaces the song whenever it’s played live.


Song Meaning.

Original Studio Demo:

Live Version:

Total Play Count: 380

Album Ranking: 3/10

Being the first song Dave wrote for the Dave Matthews Band (he had written 6-7 other songs before the concept of the band), this is a milestone song in the history of the band. It may not be the biggest or most popular song, but in the timeline of the band… technically this song was first.

The studio version of this song is in very raw form. Listening to it and having in mind the way the band plays now, you can tell this was in the early stages. It’s simple melodies and airy feel keep it easy to follow along with. The basic sax parts you hear LeRoi playing in this keep steady throughout the 20 some odd years they have been playing this song. Over the years it gets a little heavier musically, but the base song stays the same.

AboveĀ is a great original demo version of the song. It is just acoustic, and is from Dave’s first demo CD he made, with encouragement from Ross Hoffman and then in Glen Howard’s studio. It gives you an idea of the melody of the song, the guitar chords, etc. I suggest you go on YouTube and look up some STJL videos.

The lyrics are my favorite part of this song. You can tell the lyrics are almost in the form of a letter (written by Dave, obviously). The lyrics are very playful and intriguing. My favorite verse is easily:

Would you like to play

With a fool holding hands

With a one-eyed Jack of spades

While on the deck the sing

All the captain’s cards are kings

Still he and the queen are lost at sea

I hope it isn’t you and me

This has several meanings, obviously in the literal sense, but also in the figurative. You imagine people playing cards on a ship, but the more you read this/hear it, the deeper it gets in your mind and the more depth the lyrics seem to have.

All in all, I love this song live, but I just like it on Remember Two Things.

Song Rating: 3/5

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