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Under the Table and Dreaming, Part I: The Best of What’s Around

What a way to kick off the first album in “The Big 3*.”

*sidenote – I think the Dave Matthews Band “Big 3” is way better than any sports Big 3 (including the Celtics, even though I’m a Celtics fan). Anyway…

This is a great song to start off an album, and a great overall song to sum up the Dave Matthews Band. A carpe diem meaning behind an overall uplifting song. “BOWA” is a great mood-setter in concerts and is the epitome of a summer song on tour.

The lyrics lay it all out there for you:

Whatever tears at us

Whatever holds us down

And if nothing can be done

We’ll make the best of what’s around

Sounds good to me. This has been one of my favorite songs by DMB since I started listening to them. Whenever you listen to this song, you can just close your eyes and be in a happy place… picture Dave on stage grooving out to this song while strumming the guitar and singing along.

Here is a video of the studio version of the song. This person was even nice enough to put the lyrics across the screen as you hear it.

Here is a live version of the song. This was the first song of the encore in 2005 at Alpine Valley, so there’s a little time before the song starts. If you skip to 1:15, you’ll be right at the start.

In this version of the song (studio version, the first video posted), LeRoi’s sax part is one of the main features. Right around 2 minutes is where he has his nice little solo, and it’s just so happy. It goes well with the rest of the song, as well as the other parts he adds throughout. So often the sax can be a BIG player in the mood of the song, and in this case Roi nails it (as he usually does).

Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward. You listen to it, you get it, you understand it, you like it (hopefully).

One of my favorite parts in this version (and live as well) is towards the end (around the 3 minute mark) where we get the “Come on hey love, come on hey love love love love, the best of what’s around.” It’s a lyrical overlap between Dave and Boyd/Carter/Whoever else can/wants to sing on the stage/in the crowd. Boyd is most famous for singing this part, because he’s right out on the stage next to Dave, and you can see him front and center. Here’s an anecdote… when I saw DMB at Red Rocks in 2005 this song was played. Boyd had taken a little break off on the side of the stage (there really isn’t much of a violin part in this. At least not for the whole song) and when it came time to sing his part, he wasn’t completely back on the stage yet, so he ran on just in time for his cue. I’ll always remember that.

Anyway… I love this song. Like I said, it’s one of my favorites. In terms of the song itself, I think it’s great. The music is great, the lyrics are great, it’s just a fun song.

Song Rating: 5/5

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