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Under the Table and Dreaming, Part IV: Rhyme & Reason

Talk about a dark song. This is the one for Under the Table and Dreaming.

“Rhyme & Reason” is rumored to be about Dave’s forays into heroin. While I’m not entirely sure if that is, in fact, true… I can definitely believe it. This song is pretty (in the words of one of my favorite movies) “dark and ominous.” If you don’t believe me, here… look at the lyrics. “My head won’t leave my head alone. And I don’t believe it will, ’til I’m dead and gone.” Yeah… that’s pretty intense. And I think the first verse enough insinuates some sort of drug usage…

Oh well oh well, so here we stand

But we stand for nothing

My heart calls to me in my sleep

How can I turn to it

‘Cause I’m all locked up in this

Dark place, and I do not know

I’m good as dead

My head aches, warped and tied up

I need to kill this pain

Yeah… “killing this pain” after everything you just said sure seems like setting up another tappy-tap into Mr. Vein. While it’s no secret Dave and the boys (not necessarily all of them, but most) are/were recreational drug users, this song is still a mystery. Could it be heroin? Could it be cocaine? Could it be something else? I don’t really know how drugs work, but based on various movies I have seen and books I have read involving the subject [drugs], heroin seems the likely culprit for this song.

Now, moving on to the music. The repetition of this song is very catchy. Carter has a nice little rim-shit/hi-hat combo going on that keeps the pace of the song going right off the bat. I always enjoy hearing a heavier song by DMB, because I am a drummer and a drum-geek and love hearing Carter just tear it up. When the chorus picks up and he gets rocking on those crash cymbals… man, I can dig it.

Dave’s fast-paced guitar chords here also add to the mysterious/ominous feel of the song. Layer that with a little BT (Boyd) and Roi on the sax, and you have yourself a dark and ominous tune (ok, I’ll back off on the dark and ominous). I couldn’t find the studio version of the song on YouTube (I really need to just start posting the songs myself via YouTube), so here’s an early live version of the song. It’s from 1995, which is a year after UTTAD was released, so the song is still fresh.

And here’s a link to a more recent version of the song. It’s from Live Trax Vol. 13 – Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO June 7, 2008.

I’m not crazy about “Rhyme & Reason,” but I don’t hate it either. “It’s sort of anĀ in-betweenie,” (If you can tell me where that quote is from, I will be impressed). I don’t mind listening to it, but I’m not going crazy without it.

Song Rating: 3.5/5

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