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Remember Two Things, Part V: One Sweet World

“One Sweet World.”

Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, for my purposes, that’s our next song.

This is a song I’ve grown very fond of over the years. It’s such a cheery song and a great addition to any set list on a nice summer’s night.


Song Meaning: The world will always be itself, and always remain the same, despite anything we can do to it.

Studio Version (please, please, please disregard whatever the heck the video itself is… it’s all about the music):

Live Version:

Acoustic Version:

Total Play Count: 580

Album Ranking: 4/10

My favorite part of this song from Remember Two Things is the guitar riff. It’s such an airy, fun, moody line that it makes you just want to stand up and do the infamous hippie-dance (seen at any DMB concert anywhere at any time), especially when the whole band comes in and the song really opens up.

The saxophone part in this song is something that is so simple, yet so perfect, that it completely makes the song. I found a perfect example of how simple yet perfect it is. I stumbled across the video below¬†on youtube (and I actually want to try and find videos for a lot of my reviews) of Dave and a gentlemen named ‘Big Voice Jack’ playing the guitar and penny whistle (respectively). A brief story of the man is in the description on youtube, and I think this is a great video that shows how simple the part is.

“Nine planets around the sun. Only one does the sun embrace.”

The lyrics of the song are a big component to what makes it such a summery song. And if you don’t believe that this song belongs on a summer tour, try this on for size.

So let us sleep outside tonight

Lay down in our mother’s arms

For here we can rest safely

Yeah… that’s what I thought.

The meaning of the song is pretty evident from the lyrics. It essentially means that no matter what harm we as humans do to the earth, it will keep on spinning (AntsMarching.org). While this may be true, that’s a whole different debate for a whole different blog.

All in all, this is a fun song, simple but effective lyrics, and an even more simple and more effective saxophone piece (which the violin also follows) that makes for a great song to listen to over and over and over again.

Now, there are different intros that often lead into this song, but I will leave those for the reviews of the live/bonus albums whenever they come about. In the case of “One Sweet World” from Remember Two Things, it’s just the simple guitar riff and a few cymbal hits from Carter.

If you’re looking for a song for your up and coming summer spring [still] winter mix cd, go with “One Sweet World.” It’s a sure thing.

Song Rating: 4/5

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