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Remember Two Things, Part VII: Minarets

This song really confuses me. I go back and forth on whether or not I like it quite often… pretty much every time I listen to it I switch opinions (I switched back and forth about 4 times just while writing this.)

It starts off with a very mediterranean/middle eastern horn to it. It walks the line between dark and light. Mainly because Dave sings in such a high, tight voice that he feels like he’s in pain singing this (which could very well be on purpose). There are religious undertones to this song (“Babylon will fall,” “God has grown alone til a man looking, glass in his hand”) which adds to the way Dave sings it (see lyrics here).

I think were I get tripped up the most is the back and forth nature of the mood of the song. It starts off light, with that middle-eastern style I was talking about. Then once it gets into the chorus it feels like it’s going to rock out… but then it cools back off again.

This song has only been played a little more than 300 times live, which seems like a lot, except when you compare it to the most (Ants Marching – 1,064). Plus, it’s only been played 21 times in the last 11 years (most of which played by Dave and Tim Reynolds in acoustic shows). Therefore… it hasn’t gotten much live play as of late, so it’s even harder to understand it.

I think one of the reasons why it isn’t a bigger live gem, or a widely adored song by fans of all kinds, is because of its lack of similarity to most other DMB songs. You can argue that that could make a song better in some cases (Spoon, The Last Stop, ok most of Before These Crowded Streets), but in this case I’m not so sure.

I will admit, though, this song is very addicting. Something about it gets you into its groove, and if the band can take it on one of their epic jams, you get lost in the music.

“What you see what you see what you see is human.” I love that line. Simple, to the point, and I like the way it’s performed.

Anyway… that’s my take on Minarets. Don’t let the song rating turn you off… it’s a good song, I’m just not the biggest fan. Remember, this is an opinionated blog.

Song Rating: 2/5

Next Song: “Seek Up” (aka The Beast – not really, only by me)