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Remember Two Things, Part IX: I’ll Back You Up

I think this is one of the most beautiful songs the Dave Matthews Band has in its arsenal.

This is the second song Dave wrote for DMB. Once again, he had written other songs before this, but as the history of the band goes… this was #2 behind STJL (The Song That Jane Likes).

That being said, I truly think this is a beautiful song. On Remember Two Things, it is only Dave and Tim Reynolds (his second-hand man… which you should have been able to tell from all the mentions of him so far in the history of this blog) playing the guitars, which make it even more beautiful. If you like this kind of music, and you like acoustic music as well, I STRONGLY suggest going out and buying one of three albums… Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Luther College or Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City Music Hall or Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live in Las Vegas. Luther College really put Dave and Tim on the map, and really displays what they have together, but Radio City and Vegas are equally as awesome. Definitely check them out.

Now… back to “I’ll Back You Up.” Like I said, incredibly beautiful song. Dave wrote this about his ex-girlfriend Julia Grey (who is the inspiration for several more songs throughout the history of DMB… we’ll get to that). Back when the band first started, he was still dating Julia. Now, Dave is married and has two children, NOT with Julia Grey. I have to give it to her, though… she was the inspiration for a lot of great songs.

The soft nature of this song brings it over the top, and you can hear the love in Dave’s voice. You definitely need to check out the lyrics to “I’ll Back You Up,” because it will just bring you to a place where you know exactly who he is singing about… at least to you (my girlfriend Naby). I’ve always like this song, but the more I listen to it the more I fall in love with it. I actually think this is giving “Crush” a run for its money for the song I want to dance to at my wedding. Here’s a little taste of the lyrics.

And your lips burn wild

Thrown from the face of a child

And in your eyes

The seeing of the greatest view

Do what you will, always

Walk where you like, your steps

Do as you please, I’ll back you up

Love it. I don’t know how you can’t either. The simplicity of the two acoustics strumming this song  is just perfection. Here’s a look at two different versions of the song. The first one is Dave and Tim Live, the second is the whole band.

Don’t mind the video on both… the audio is the only thing that matters. All in all, this song is great. You don’t think of the Dave Matthews Band as a delicate love-song playing group (they’re more of a jamming getting-groovy machine), but it doesn’t mean this song isn’t great.

Song Rating: 5/5

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