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Crash, Part III: Crash Into Me

“Crash Into Me” is one of those songs I hate to love, but love to hate. Most DMB fans have their short-list of songs the detest, don’t want to hear, etc (usually “Angel,” “I Did It,” etc), and often times, “Crash Into Me” makes that list. That is, if you’re talking to a male fan. As for the female DMB related population, they love this song.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad song. I enjoy hearing it live, but if I had a choice of songs I wanted to hear, “Crash Into Me” might not make that list.

As far as popularity goes in the novice DMB crowds, this is right up there. I’d say it’s definitely one of, if not the, most widely popular song on Crash. So there is a lot to be said about that. I’m just trying to be honest with you, and tell you it appeals to a more female audience, and most hardcore fans could do without it.

That being said…


Song Meaning: More or less, it’s about a perv. It’s clearly this dude being a creep, watching a girl through her window. Voyeurism at its finest.

Studio Version:

Live Version:

Total Play Count: 668

Album Ranking: 11/12

I’ve mentioned it before in this post, and I’ll say it again. I don’t hate this song.

That being said, it’s the 11th best song on Crash. To me! If you’re reading this, and you love “Crash Into Me” and you’re getting pissed right now, remember… it’s just my opinion. I don’t hate it, I could just do without it. That’s a big difference. When it’s on, I’ll listen to it, sing along, etc. Especially at concerts, where I will never complain about hearing a song for more than the first 30 seconds. Then I’ll stop bitching and start singing along.

Anyway… let’s get down to the basics here. Pretty simple musical accompaniment in this one. Carter plays some soft ride cymbal to start things off, then has a slow roll going on the snare.

Boyd pulls out a few long strides on his violin here and there, and the sax fills in nicely.

Other than that, it’s not that complicated on paper (unless you’re a musician, in which case you don’t count). But sometimes songs that are easy to figure out/interpret… don’t make bad songs.

While I only ranked “Crash Into Me” 11/12 on Crash, I really do enjoy the song when it’s played live. Throughout the years, Dave has injected the “Dixie Chicken” outro to the song.

I will be your Dixie Chicken

If you’ll be my Tennessee Lamb

And we can walk together

Down in Dixie Land.

That… along with the “I’m the king of the castle” makes for a solid way to end the song live, especially when Dave really gets into it.

That’s another side note. Any time Dave really gets into a song, screams, wails, or whatever… I think that song becomes at least 10 times better. It’s just a fact. Look it up.

Speaking of looking things up. I want you to go back to the video of the studio version of this song… and go to around the 30 second mark, and tell me Dave doesn’t look like Steve-O from Jackass. Just saying.

In the end… “Crash Into Me” is a good song. Nothing spectacular about it. If I don’t hear it at a concert, I wont be upset. If I do hear it at a concert, I will enjoy it, and then move on. That’s just the facts of life.

Song Rating: 3/5

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