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Remember Two Things, Part X: Christmas Song

In the final installment of the Remember Two Things song reviews, I look at “Christmas Song.”

This song is 100% about Jesus. It is the story of his life. Dave has said before that it is a “non-denominational tune,” but it clearly talks about his life. And if you don’t believe me… take a look at the lyrics:

When Jesus Christ was nailed to his tree

Said “oh, Daddy-o I can see how it all soon will be

I came to shed a little light on this darkening scene

Instead I fear I spill the blood of my children all around.

The lyrics are both powerful and meaningful. Dave has always pegged himself as an agnostic person, believing in some higher power, but not necessarily Jesus. He does, however, tell the story of the man’s life, which is very interesting.

It’s a very soothing song, not much musically deep about it. In this version of the song just Dave and Tim on guitar, and it never gets much more than that in live versions. Usually Carter will join in to sing, but it always stays as a quiet tune. Here are two videos… the first is the studio version of the song. The second is the band playing it live at the United Center in Chicago from 1998 (which is a live release album).

This song is great to hear in December (which I did back in 2005 in Boston). It adds a different level to the concert, even though it’s not about religion, but about the story of a very famous person, it still brings the concert up to another level.

All in all, I really like this song. It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s still very good. I don’t think it’s too much different from the studio and live versions, but whenever you hear it, chances are it will relax you and make you really listen and think about the lyrics at the same time.

Song Rating: 3/5

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