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Changing Things Up

So I know a lot of you are probably questioning why I take bi-yearly sabbatical from writing on here. Truth is, I just get out of the habit of it sometimes. Hopefully, I start getting into the swing of things again… but who knows.

In any event, I decided to switch up my review format a little. From now on, I will write-up a little personal opinion on the song (why I like it/don’t like it), followed by a link to the songs lyrics. Then… I will give a brief meaning of the song (usually adapted from After that, I will post a YouTube video of the studio and live versions of the song (assuming they are available). So here’s how it will look.

– Personal Opinion/Feelings about song

– Lyrics link

– Song Meaning

– Studio Version Video (if available)

– Live Version Video (if available)

– Total Play Count

– My Album Rank

– Song Break-Down

– Song Rating


I started the new format with Crash. It might take a while to re-format all the other songs, but eventually… they will.



Hello Again… It’s Been Too Long

Well… luckily there couldn’t be a more perfect song by the Dave Matthews Band to title this post. I realize it has been something like 5+ months since I have written a post. I was mostly busy finishing up my college degree, then getting a job and moving to Louisville, KY.

I want to let you (if anyone is still reading/subscribed/cares) that I’m back. I will begin my reviews again (only 120 studio songs to go) and a little in between. Hopefully I get back into a groove and don’t have another 5 month hiatus.

Thanks for reading this, which means that you still think I have somewhat of a sensible opinion. Coming up next… Remember Two Things, Part VI: The Song That Jane Likes.

Get Excited.

It’s been too long. Too long, Too long… Hello Again.

I’ve done some Soul-Searching…

After a few days off and reflecting on what I was doing, I’ve decided to make some changes. I feel like this parallels the way life goes. You make a decision, you do some soul-searching, then you revise your original plan, and everything works out… (I hope?).

The thing I plan to change is my goal for this blog and the reviewing I am going to do. Here is my original plan:

What I plan to do here is take my DMB catalog, which is currently at 1,511 songs as I create this blog, and dissect it. I am going to go album by album, song by song, and give my humbled opinion about it all. I am strictly sticking to the studio-recorded albums and the official live-release albums. This will cut the catalog for this blog down to 809 songs. However, another live album is on its way (Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live in Las Vegas), so that total will rise. If this blog goes well enough, and after those 800+ posts, I may dive into the bonus disc area, but that’s a different story for a different day.

That was the original goal I set for this. After thinking about it, I would be reviewing the same songs over and over again, where the live versions vary, but not enough to warrant completely new posts for each song, where it would take more than 2 years to complete. So basically, the changes are here.

I am going to go album by album, song by song, and give my humbled opinion about it all. I am strictly sticking to the studio-recorded albums and the official live-release albums. This will cut the catalog for this blog down to 809 125 songs.

This, I feel, will be more proficient. This way, I only review the original versions of the song (some of them twice, since I will be doing the Lillywhite Sessions). This will not only help me get through the catalog easier, but it will allow me to review more things once I am done… which leads me into my next change.

I will not review each song off the official live release albums, but I will review them. I will group them as a whole for each review, and go on a smaller song-by-song basis for each review. This way, I can do all the live releases, Live Trax, bonus discs, etc. I can also venture into the DMBlive catalog (which I have yet to purchase) and take my knowledge even further.

So… here are the albums I will be reviewing:

  • Remember Two Things (in progress)
  • Under the Table and Dreaming
  • Crash
  • Before These Crowded Streets
  • The Lillywhite Sessions
  • Everyday
  • Busted Stuff
  • Stand Up
  • Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (including the 4-song Little Red Bird bonus disc)

After these songs are finished, like I said, I will continue on to live albums as a whole, etc. Until then… enjoy the rest of the posts.

Up Next: Remember Two Things, Part IV: Satellite