Crash, Part IV: Too Much

People often say too much of something is a bad thing. In the case of “Too Much,” that’s usually not the case. Personally, I went through a phase where I could have gone without the song, and it’s still not one of my favorites, but it’s definitely a great song to rock out to.


Song Meaning – More, more, more. It’s all about excess… be it gluttony, greed, etc. There might be some suggestions of political and governmental greed/neglect as well. For more… follow the link.

Studio Version:

Live Version (actual song starts at 2:05):

Total Play Count: 676

Album Ranking: 8/12

As I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s hard for me to review/discuss songs without taking into account their place in live shows. My fondest memories of every DMB song (except the select few that have never/are practically never played live) come fromĀ a live version. I will continue, however, to try to do things the right way, and only use the studio version of the song for critiquing, and sprinkle in some live commentary along the way.

“Too Much” has always been a song I have struggled with. Some days, I like it. Other days, I don’t care too much for it. Then some other days, I really like it. It’s very strange, but also frustrating.

Technically… the song is fine. I love the style of music played along with it, the uptempo beat, the bass sax accompaniment. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s such a great song to rock out to (how much do I use that phrase? I feel like it’s a lot).

Everything gets started with the “dunn… dunnn… dunnnnn” that includes Carter, Roi, Boyd, Stefan and Dave (and whoever else is on stage with them in live settings). You can really hear all the instruments bang out those notes… and it really sets the table for the rest of the song.

One of the reasons I am harder on songs in the studio versions, is Dave’s voice. I don’t like when he falsetto’s too much, or when his voice was higher in general. Most of the earlier albums display his voice like that. Granted, “Too Much” has a full-range of his vocal abilities… but it starts off with a nice, “woooooo.” In any event, the lyrics are pretty simple, the meaning is blatant, and everything gels rather nicely.

My favorite part of the song, by far, is the sax. I have it memorized, and every time I listen to the song, I play along on with my mouth (no sexual jokes, please). It’s not a very long solo, but it’s definitely the stand-out part of the song… to me. It comes right after the second verse. You can hear the solo at the 1:32 mark in the video above. Love it.

After most of the singing is said and done… the band proceeds to “jam away, jam away” (that line is from one of the Live Trax albums. If you caught it, major kudos). Naturally, the jamming is extended in live versions, but the jam in the recorded version is nothing to scoff at. This particular extended solo is featured by Boyd (which is a common occurence, seeing as it’s easier for him to carry out a solo for longer periods of time than a single saxophonist, or a single guitarist [unless you’re awesome and named Tim Reynolds]). I can’t say I mind that too much. The more I listen to the band, and the older I get, the more I appreciate Boyd.

All in all, I like “Too Much.” It’s not one of my favorite songs. It’s not one of my least favorite songs. I enjoy it much more in a live setting (like the version above. I was at this concert, and it rocked.), especially when it’s in a series with “So Much to Say,” and the “Anyone Seen the Bridge” bridge that often connects the two. You can hear “ASTB” at the beginning of the video above. There are a lot of different versions of the bridge, but the core of it is in that video from the Mile High Music Festival.

In the end, “Too Much” got a middle-of-the-road ranking on the entire Crash album, mostly due to the higher-caliber songs I feel are on the record, and an above-average rating from me. If you strongly disagree, leave a comment. If you have any other feelings, feel free to do the same. Like they say, you can never have “Too Much” comments (alright, so that isn’t grammatically correct, but I had to make it work somehow).

Song Rating: 3.5/5

Next Song: #41


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