Changing Things Up

So I know a lot of you are probably questioning why I take bi-yearly sabbatical from writing on here. Truth is, I just get out of the habit of it sometimes. Hopefully, I start getting into the swing of things again… but who knows.

In any event, I decided to switch up my review format a little. From now on, I will write-up a little personal opinion on the song (why I like it/don’t like it), followed by a link to the songs lyrics. Then… I will give a brief meaning of the song (usually adapted from After that, I will post a YouTube video of the studio and live versions of the song (assuming they are available). So here’s how it will look.

– Personal Opinion/Feelings about song

– Lyrics link

– Song Meaning

– Studio Version Video (if available)

– Live Version Video (if available)

– Total Play Count

– My Album Rank

– Song Break-Down

– Song Rating


I started the new format with Crash. It might take a while to re-format all the other songs, but eventually… they will.



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