Review: Under the Table and Dreaming

So here is the preview of Under the Table and Dreaming I did before the song reviews came.  

All in all, this is a great album to start off your success with. Yes, it wasn’t their first album they released. It was, however, the most successful of the first two, and it is still considered one of the ‘Big Three’ DMB albums. Can’t argue with that.

Here’s a list of all the songs again, with my ratings next to them.

  1. The Best of What’s Around – 5/5
  2. What Would You Say – 3/5
  3. Satellite – 3/5
  4. Rhyme & Reason – 3.5/5
  5. Typical Situation – 5/5
  6. Dancing Nancies – 4/5
  7. Ants Marching – 5/5
  8. Lover Lay Down – 4/5
  9. Jimi Thing – 4/5
  10. Warehouse – 5.5/5
  11. Pay for What You Get – 4/5
  12. #34 – 3.5/5

Looking back on these reviews, I am still happy with my decisions. I maybe should have bumped “Rhyme & Reason” down to a 3/5 and bumped “Dancing Nancies” up to a 4.5/5. Alas, I will stick to my guns. Just because I gave a song a 4/5 doesn’t mean I dislike it. If you refer back to my rating system, a 4 means I ‘love it,’ which is pretty darn good.

Anyway… all of these ratings combined look something like this.

Under the Table and Dreaming – 49.5/60

I give Under the Table and Dreaming an 82.5, or B- overall. Now, that’s just tallying up the individual song ratings alone. But you have to take an album as a whole. As a whole, UTTAD was a groundbreaking album for the band. It put them on the map and still includes so many hits that so many fans love today. You can’t say anything bad about this album, and it’s incredibly fun to listen to.

Factor in the whole “Big 3” thing, and you have yourself a winner.

Therefore, my overall rating for Under the Table and Dreaming is a 4.5/5

Do you agree? Disagree? Did I rate one song too high? Another too low? Let me know, that’s what the comments are for.

I hope I can get through the next album in a much quicker fashion.

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