Under the Table and Dreaming, Part III: Satellite

Well, we’re at the song “Satellite” for the second time now. The first time around, on Remember Two Things, the song was much more rough around the edges and new. This version of the song is much more refined and cleaned up.

Here’s the deal… I have a love/hate relationship with this song. I like the rhythm and flow of the song. It’s slow and wistful as it takes you on this little journey. The music itself is what makes me like this song and want to keep listening to it and want to listen to it again. The violin part is very repetitive and┬ástays┬áconsistent throughout, along with the drum combinations (which I definitely appreciate as a drummer myself). The chorus is the best, musically, as far as I’m concerned. When the drums beat over and over leading up to the start of the chorus, followed by a nice little rhythm with the bell of the ride cymbal… perfect.

What really rubs me the wrong way in this song is Dave’s voice. I’m never really a fan when he sings falsetto in a song. For the most part, he doesn’t… but you can definitely tell when he does… “winter’s gone, spring races.” That is the part that really gets on my nerves. Other than that, I don’t mind the song.

Another part of the song that really stands out is the intro with the violin. It’s very recognizable, and sets the mood for the song.

The lyrics clearly play off of an actual satellite, and tell a tell of how there’s always something or someone watching. And I’m sure you’ve heard ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ before. Well… another one of the lyrics is “like a diamond in the sky,” which is very similar to “like a diamond from the sky.” Just saying.

Once again, we have another music video for this. The music video directly pertains to a satellite (obviously) with clips of DMB playing throughout. It also appears to be the kid from “Rosanne” starring in the video. Weird.

Satellite is the final version of a song that used to be called “After Her.” That was the working title for the song before it ultimately became “Satellite,” and often times Dave will play “After Her,” and he also played it a lot in the early years and in acoustic shows with Tim Reynolds.

Now here’s a live version of the song from 1995. I would have liked to show you a more recent version so you can have an idea what it sounds like now compared to 15 years ago, but oh well.

All in all, it’s a good song. If I don’t hear it at a concert, I’m not crushed. If I do hear it, I enjoy listening to it. This version of the song is just ok to me. In terms of studio songs, this just falls on the middle of the line for me.

Song Rating: 3/5

Next Song: “Rhyme & Reason”


One response to “Under the Table and Dreaming, Part III: Satellite

  1. My problem with Satellite (no fault of DMB) is that it is highly overplayed. On the radio, this song gets more play than any other DMB song and of course everybody always want to hear it in concert. I loved it when it first came out, but compared with the rest of UTTAD, it could be the weakest song on the album.

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