I stand corrected… Recently.

Well, it has to happen at least once doesn’t it?

It’s nice to know that A) I have an audience and B) they share the same passion as myself.

A reader informed me that on the EP Album Recently put out by the Dave Matthews Band after Remember Two Things, there is actually a studio version of the song “Recently.” I feel like a fool, but I completely overlooked this fact.

As I stated in my post reviewing “Recently” from Remember Two Things,

The third song on Remember Two Things is “Recently.” This is the only “studio” album this song shows up on, even though it’s a live version, so I will treat it like it is its first appearance on a studio album.

Seeing as it was literally the first thing I said in this post, It makes me feel even more like an idiot. However, without diligent readers, I would be nowhere, and luckily the mistake has been found.

The EP Recently does indeed have an ACTUAL studio version of the song “Recently.” Therefore, I will be reviewing that album as well.

I hope this hasn’t offended anyone are caused them to no longer wish to read this blog.

I thank Ryo Vie from the bottom of my blog. I hope he and the rest of my faithful following stick with me. I apologize for the hiatus, but things have been quite busy here in Columbia, Missouri. I will be back very soon with my review of “One Sweet World,” from Remember Two Things.

Stay tuned!


2 responses to “I stand corrected… Recently.

  1. You are more than welcome, my friend. I want to know if you plan to tackle Some Devil and Boyd’s solo album as well. I think those would be nice additions.

    Keep up the good work!


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